Latin Modern

The Computer Modern (CM) family of fonts in the Type1 format, substantially extended with national diacritic characters. The types of Latin Modern are based on Computer Modern Type1 fonts, as published by the American Matematical Society (AMS 1997). The project is run by Bogusław Jackowski and Janusz Marian Nowacki. The Latin Modern fonts can be freely used and copied (GPL license).

The Latin Modern family consists of: lmb10, lmbo10, lmbx10, lmbx12, lmbx5, lmbx6, lmbx7, lmbx8, lmbx9, lmbxi10, lmbxo10, lmcsc10, lmcsco10, lmr10, lmr12, lmr17, lmr5, lmr6, lmr7, lmr8, lmr9, lmri10, lmri12, lmri7, lmri8, lmri9, lmro10, lmro12, lmro8, lmro9, lmss10, lmss12, lmss17, lmss8, lmss9, lmssbo10, lmssbx10, lmssdc10, lmssdo10, lmsso10, lmsso12, lmsso17, lmsso8, lmsso9, lmssq8, lmssqbo8, lmssqbx8, lmssqo8, lmtcsc10, lmtt10, lmtt12, lmtt8, lmtt9, lmtti10, lmtto10, lmvtt10, lmvtto10.

The distribution consists of a set of PostScript fonts and of five sets of TeX Metric Files that specify one of the following five methods of chcracter encodings:

– Encode Cork
– TeXnANSI (LY1)
– TS1
– T5 – for the Vietnamese language

The fonts are also available in the Open Type format, containing 668 characters each.

The Latin Modern fonts have been generated with the use of METATYPE1 software which enables creating PostScript fonts. They are part of many current TeX distributions (TeX Live, MikTeX, teTeX etc.). They are also available via the Internet, e.g. from CTAN or GUST servers. The most recent version (including also the OTF fonts) can be downloaded from our FTP site.

The Latin Modern project is sponsored by TeX Users Groups (GUST, Dante e. V., GUTenberg, NTG, TUG).

Knuth, Twardoch, Nowacki - Pont-a-Mousson (2005) Donald E. Knuth (the creator of Computer Modern fonts in a bitmap version), Adam Twardoch and me in Pont-à-Mousson, France (2005).