Janusz M. Nowacki

I am a resident of Grudziądz, Poland.  I earn my daily bread doing typesetting, typography, making stamps and preparing accidental prints.  My passion, above all, is the computer typography, in particular, the digitization traditional typefaces.  I hope that my work will save these unique treasures from disappearing altogether and being forgotten.  I believe that the rich heritage of Polish typefaces deserves recognition, including its wide use in modern printing.  So far, I have been successful in digitizing of four Polish historical fonts, called Antykwa Toruńska (Antiqua of Toruń), Antykwa Półtawskiego (Półtawski’s Antiqua), Cyklop, Kurier and its modification Iwona.

“GUST” generously supports works on the revival of the Polish traditional typefaces.

GUST, in cooperation with other national TeX users groups, is involved in works on enhancing the existent openware fonts. I have a pleasure to take part in two of these project: Latin Modern family of fonts and TeX Gyre family of fonts. For practical purposes this means that the fonts are free for commercial and non-commercial use. The only non-required but very appreciated “payment” would be usage samples. Enjoy!

My font work would not have been possible without the help and support of various fellow Honorary Members of GUST. I take this opportunity to thank them all, sincerely. In particular, I would like to mention and thank: Bogusław Jackowski and Piotr Strzelczyk, as well as Jerzy Ludwichowski, Włodek Macewicz, Andrzej Odyniec, Jola Szelatyńska, Andrzej Tomaszewski, Radek Tryc, Adam Twardoch, Staszek Wawrykiewicz and Marcin Woliński. Special thanks go to my colleagues from abroad, Karl Berry (USA), Hans Hagen (Holland) and Volker RW Schaa (Germany) – without them the excellent collaboration between their national TeX users groups and GUST would be impossible.

Fot. Andrzej Odyniec – Bachotek 2008r.